How To Win Your First Date With Your Dream Man

Dating is a process of knowing someone you’re interested in better and to determine if they are the right match for you.

Though you should be open-minded in the dating scene, it’s often hard to expect nothing but the best as a woman if the guy is cute.

If it’s your first time dating or you’ve been off the dating game for quite a while, realize that it’s easy to have a successful date. Just follow these tips on how to win your first date with your dream man and you’re (possibly) a date away from the ideal relationship:


You’re trying to impress the guy, we know, and it’s easy to let your feelings cloud your judgment. You may think that putting up a show is cute, but it really isn’t. Especially if the guy is tired of phonies and wants to settle for the real deal.

Go ahead. Be the special you that you’ve always been. So he likes sports and you don’t. So what? After all, opposite poles always attract in the game of love. Even if things don’t work out, there are plenty of yummy other fish in the sea.


First dates have a way of tying up your nerves into an uncomfortable bundle. There’s nothing more embarrassing than to spill a drink on your cute dress because you’re nervous. Or to choke because he smiled at you!

Nervousness is a natural feeling and the great news is you can control it. Before arriving at the venue, take slow controlled breaths. You can also listen to your psyche-up playlist or practice the date with a friend.


What you wear hugely affects how your date will view you. When choosing something to wear, please maintain simplicity. Avoid something too revealing or a piece that makes walking impossible.

For a look that screams simple but fun, a pair of flattering jeans and a v-neck can work. If you’re comfortable rocking high heels, by all means, put them on. An alternative to them is a pair of low-heeled pumps or any pair of footwear that reflects your style.


Even if you do drink, you may want to turn it down a notch or even do without that bottle the entire date. The guy may be attractive, but you don’t know him at all.

Have only a glass if you must and decline any more offers. You never know his real intentions of offering you that second or third glass in the first place. Besides, you need to be in your normal state of mind and alcohol discourages that.


Show the guy that you really want to be there. Put your phone away and excuse yourself if you really must take a call, but don’t be too long.

Additionally, don’t hog the entire conversation. Talk for a while and let him chip in. When he says something, try paraphrasing at the right moment or comment about it to show that you’re listening.

Also, don’t stare too much as he may find it creepy. Eye contact is great but to a certain degree.

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