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Wow, You Guys!!!! THANK YOU!!!

20 Feb , 2015  

Hey guys,I just wanted to send a big ole from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU to all that contributed, posted, tweeted, shared and got the DEAL DONE this week on my drag bag got stolen tragedy turned miracle–I am now able to afford to replenish the bag and most of its contents. The photo above is me and my friend Gilbert (whose car my shit got jacked from)–it was taken a while back, but this is how we feel now that you have been generous HEROES. Thank you for your financial contributions! There also have been several angels that have stepped forward to offer their service in costume making, wig fluffing– and “take dis, I don’t need it anymore!” It takes a VILLAGE to re-build a ho, y’all. Right now the gofundme donations are sitting at: $3770, and like I said–anything over $2500 will be going to charity.  I am donating some of it to Central City Hospitality House, and some of it is going to another GoFundMe–to a sister that lost something that can not be replaced.  I will share more info with you on that after I close the donating down on this—which will be on Sunday March 1st.  If you want to help me with the honor of paying it foward to those that really need it, please keep donating! If not–just know that I am so, so, so GRATEFUL to you. I feel like I’m exactly where I needs to be, snuggled in between yo fluffy buttcheeks.  Love you guys!  Gay it Forward! <3 <3 <3​

Love Always,
Wendy Ho
In West Hollywood next Saturday? Come on by and see a ho with RPDR All Star: TAMMIE BROWN & FILTHY GAY RAPPER MC Crumbnatcher!!!
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