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HAPPY T-GIVES! I’m coming to KCMO & Omaha, NE!

18 Nov , 2014  

Hi hunny bunnies, I write this letter from my bed where I am very tired from a lil video shoot we did that took us into the wee hours of the morning.  It’s a good tired, though, and I’m feeling so full of gratsitudes for the RIDICKULOUS life I lead!! Here’s a lil preview:

Gratitude. I hope you are feeling it, guys. Whether that’s through  preparing to eat stuff you like (hopefully with people you love), watching some good ole fashioned furry porn, or opening up these social data portals to see what’s going on with one another! It all counts, and it all matters. At the tip top of my gratitude list is getting to share this riDICKulousness with YOU. There are so many opportunities for us to share these days, I sometimes find myself just swallowing them whole and moving on with a “Next!” My hope is that this year, with this awareness, I can slow down to take the time to actually digest all them good dicks that’s out there, and make some of my own to share and re-dick. Happy Thanksgiving! Be kind, be grateful, and love each other;-)
If you’re in KC or Omaha I’d love to squeeze you and sing you some real dirty/funny stuff!

Friday November 21, 8pm KANSAS CITY: Missie B’s  GREATEST SHITS ALBUM RELEASE!

Saturday November 22, 10PM OMAHA, NE: FLIXX ALBUM RELEASE! 


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