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Tammie Brown! AND…I LOVE Rock N Roll!

18 Mar , 2015  

I am back in LA from the East, and it was a great trip. I am a little banged up from the road. 3 gigs, 3 cities, 8 hours of driving, 15 hours of airporting (thanks to a delay) will do that to a bische—but it IS worth it.  I am living my dream, and like Martha White Bitch Stewart likes to say –it be a good thang. The gigs were great, and all of them were so different!  It had me really thinking about the time that I had spent in those geographic areas as a young lil holette.

I spent some time in Philly, Atlantic City and New York on a spring break my senior year of high school which was. Wait for it—–20 years ago! SHIT. Olds, much? Well, at least it was great to return triumphantly with just about everything in tact…except for my dignity…no dignity–no doubt!  I strutted through the Borgata Casino like I owned the joint, and with DJ Mimi Imfurst on the ones and twos. WE OWNT IT. Those kids packed the place, I swirled and flourished while Sister Mimi pumped up the jams! I am so glad to see the LGBT community expanding in Atlantic City.

Saturday! Singing old school rock n roll was a JOY, henny. I will try to upload some snippits to the youtubes. Guns N Roses. Journey. GUITAR, DUDE! This also had me waxing poetic about when I sold my soul to rock n roll back in high school, which I will tell you all about in Episode 2 of the Wendy Experience Podcast with: Tammie Brown/ Glenn Schubert. Tammie is a RuPauls Drag Race All Star alum, 100% artist and certified FELLOW weirdo! I can not get enufffffff.  So give it a listen, subscribes, review it, touch it, love it! 

We discuss Texas, drug dealers, not being able to say no, astrology, buddhism, body odor, different types of drag, smashing cell phones, loving Tootsie, environmental awareness, and keeping the dream alive! This episode is sponsored by: LittlePioneer.Com and

Wanna see me AND Tammie Brown live? We’ll be in Long Beach this weekend!

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