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15 Oct , 2013  

Hey y’all!
Just a couple of things I think you guys might wanna know about!
#1 I just got back from my Seattle Triple Door show, and the Super Ho of Seattle Contest– and the winner has been announced…check out this video!

#2 I’ve got two gigs coming up in the Abe Lincoln State– ILLINOIS!! Springfield & Chicago gigs are happening! If you’re in the area, I’d love to see you, and if not, and you know somebody–send them my way!

#3 I’m still running my PUBLIC PLACE promotion on my bandcamp page where you get to name your own price for this single! Please support this independent ho, so I can keep on creating things! And if you can’t afford it right now, dat’s okay–take it and SHARE! SHARE! SHARE!!

Springfield and Chicago info:
1st Stop: Springfield, IL @ Scandals Night Club October 18th, doors open at 8pm


2nd stop: Chicago, IL @BerlinNightclub, Saturday Oct 19, 10pm


Hope to see y’all real, real soons!!!

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  1. chris marlow says:

    When you gonna shift yo ass over that big pond to London Town???? We begging 4u baby, come over and all on our Eeks!!!!!Get them Laboutin covered feet and stretch ya Lallie’s to us…

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