Live Wendy Ho Show

San Francisco!

5 Feb , 2014  

Valentine’s Day weekend I’m gonna be all up in you, gurl, and I hope you’ll enjoy it, cuz if not..that would be rape, and that ain’t cute!
1st stop THE END UP 10/14, 10:30pm show with some of SF’s finest and funnest qweens: AuJus! Kylie Minono! Bearonce Growels! Mia Ho! Kit Tapata!& CherBert! THIS IS A FREE SHOW, BOO! 


Second Stop 2/15 at The CAFE with Vine & Interwebs SuperStar @TSMadison! brought to you by JC EVENTS! Wear yo 22 inch weave, chile!


And then on 2/16 we gon be in San Jose, gurl! Do you know the way? also brought to you by JCEvents!





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