Press Quotes:

“She’s actually hilarious, and can really sing.” -John Bilow, San Diego RAGE Magazine 

“Her act, which features equal parts singing and comedy, highlights the best of both talents and combines her past experiences into a hilariously honest performance.” -Abby Walker, San Diego LGBT WEEKLY  

Extreme Internet sensation Wendy Jo Smith (aka Wendy Ho) has blond hair, a big ol’ ass and the voice of a soul singer. Her range and vocal strength are clearly apparent when she sings.” -Berry Anderson Kansas City Pitch Music

“Bawdy and bodacious Wendy Ho! Once you’ve heard her lyrics and seen her delivery, you’ll know why she is in demand all over the country!” –Donna Sachet, Bay Area Reporter

“ is filled to the brim with her slutting up the camera in dirty ass videos featuring even filthier lyrics. This Ho is stupid.” –Blake Jacobs, The Hollywood WOW Report

“Equal parts skilled singer, comedic genius, white rapper and female drag queen, gays weren’t the only ones taking note! F/X Network series Nip/Tuck even hired actress Jennifer Coolidge to parody Ho during an episode!” –Paul E. Pratt, San Francisco Bay Times

“Not everyone can handle a ho, especially one as provocative and straight-up street as Wendy Jo Smith, aka Wendy Ho. Part comedian, part singer/actress, part white rapper, this edgy performer is a self-proclaimed “female drag queen” who defies professional definition, breaking – and making – the rules as she goes along. ” –by M. M. Adjarian, The Edge- Boston

“I know all about Wendy Ho. Wendy Ho’s album is called The Gospel According to Ho, and the album in the Hot Coco video was called The Gospel According to Coco, so they had every intention of acknowledging Wendy Ho. They showed me the Wendy Ho video before we did it and said, “Do a funny version of this.” I was like, “I’m not going to be cooler than Wendy Ho, that’s for sure.” Wendy Ho is about as cool as it gets. I’d never seen anything like her.” –Jennifer Coolidge on playing Wendy Ho spoof character Hot Coco – Brandon Voss, The Advocate.Com