Poop Noodle T-Shirts

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At last, you can have your very own poop noodle… t-shirt, that is!  Crudely hand-drawn, digitally-enhanced white-line artwork, as seen in the hit “Poop Noodle” video, has been expertly screen-printed onto shirts of the softest yet most robust (cheaply-priced) cotton (that I could afford), that will swaddle your skin like a baby diaper filled with shit.  Amuse yourself, disgust your friends, and alienate your parents with this HOfficial Poop Noodle t-shirt!  Available in dark chocolate, the color of feces from a properly functioning bowel.  Perfect as graduation and Christmas gifts!  Be the first in yo’ ‘hood to proudly sport the shirt that will probably get you kicked out of most restaurants, stores, and amusement parks, but will show the world you know what a poop noodle is.  You want poop noodle?  I’m gonna give it you!  Buy now! Available color: Dark chocolate