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Live Wendy Ho Show

Talbott Street

17 Feb , 2014  


Can’t wait to be at Talbott Street for this event! 8pm, get tickets at: http://lol2014.brownpapertickets.com

Live Wendy Ho Show

San Francisco!

5 Feb , 2014  


Valentine’s Day weekend I’m gonna be all up in you, gurl, and I hope you’ll enjoy it, cuz if not..that would be rape, and that ain’t cute! 1st stop THE END UP 10/14, 10:30pm show with some of SF’s finest and funnest qweens: AuJus! Kylie Minono! Bearonce Growels! Mia Ho! Kit Tapata!& CherBert! THIS IS […]


Monday in Silverlake!!!

1 Feb , 2014  

I’m calling BALLS, boo boo! Come by and chill with a beer and some foods! Good Microbrew & Grill! 8pm-10pm BINGO!!!


I’m the new Carrie Bradshaw!

10 Jan , 2014  


I know, I know you prahly think of me of more of a slutty Samantha, and I was…but I’s married now, and a woman of experience! I’m ready to help you with all yo issues and prahlems! These are completely anonymous, and will be featured in Left Magazine, and right here on my website! #AXEWENDY […]


This SUNDAY in Palm Springs

2 Jan , 2014  

1/5/2014 at Hunters 9:30pm Show FLAMBOYANCE!


Happy New Year!!!!

28 Dec , 2013  

I’ll be at Executive Suites in Long Beach! Celebrating and singing in the New Year!


Ho News is Good News December!

5 Dec , 2013  

Friends, Lovers, & Two Dolla Trix, Pretty much business as usual over here at Camp HO! Last month’s midwest tour was super funtz, well except for that time I drove through a tornado in Southern Illinois–fo REAL, and that time I twerked the turkey so hard before frying, she flew over to the neighbor’s yard..oops! […]


Ho Ho Hoin in the Gay Bay!

3 Dec , 2013  

I’m back up in NorCal this weekend! Starting things off in Sacramento at SIDETRAX with Holotta Tymes and Suppositori Spelling! We’ll be giving you a CHRIMA SHOW! Lots of dirt nassy songs about Santa and Baby Jesus! Then I’ll flit like a fruit fly down to San Francisco and give it to you at THE […]