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A little update from da QweenHo for those that wanna know…..

This past month I’ve been home in SoCal, but just cuz she ain’t been flying, doesn’t mean she ain’t been runnin! 

There are 2 new podcasts up on iTunes with RuPaul’s Drag Race Divas: Jujubee and Kylie Sonique Love! One is on the way with Bebe Zahara Benet, which will post on Wednesday! I’m a little behind due to some sinusitis, but don’t worry, she’s on the up and up!

Production wise, TeamHo, was also able to shoot a new music video for my newest upcoming single, #SelfieStick, directed by the bad assed banned from facebook artist: Bri Cirel! The song and video takes a lewk at our current culture–and our favorite subject matter: ourselfies!!! The video and the song will release on 2/25, so keep your eyes and ears peeled on my youtube and itunes store! 

This month I’ll be hitting the road again, not going too far from my home here in LA–just up the “coast” for a show on VD in Fresno followed by dates in San Francisco and Sacramento! After those shows I’ll head back down for my HoHouse shows in Long BeachWeho and the newest HoHouse corner market: SANTA BARBARA!!! Check out all the details in all the pretty n clickable flyers below, or if ya like to keep it textual, check out my calendar!

I really hope to see you on the road if you’re in California, and if I don’t see you physically, I’ll definitely see you on yo nearest social media outlet <3 Let me know whatcha think of the new #SelfieStick video when she comes out! 

Thanking yew, 
Ms. Ho


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