Ho Rages ON in the Midst of Social Media Turmoil!

16 Sep , 2014  

Dear gorgeous boos,

This past week was a doozy over here in the HO House.


1. YOUTUBE CHANNEL (that I introduced last week) HAS  BEEN DISABLED. HERE’S A VIDEO WHERE I EXPLAINS EVERYTHING. All future content will stay on the old youtube channel, sorry for the confusion!

Don’t feel like watching a video? READ ON!


GOOD NEWS: this really doesn’t change things for you and me. While I’d love the opportunity to supplement my income with Google Adsense dollars—in all honesty, I never made any more than COINS from those bitches, so SAYANORA, ADSENSE. I’ll keep the new channel just in case, but from here on out all Ho content will remain at youtube.com/wendytheho. Sorry for the confusion. I’m free of the shackles.

2. AND then there’s Facebook: NAMEGATE.

The folks over at Facebook are forcing me and countless other entertainters to use our LEGAL names. For some reason people like Stefani Germanotta and John Stephens are exempt, but people like me who have gone by a different name for years–are screwed! They say that my business page is where I can update and use another name, but most of us know that these biz page updates don’t automatically go to your feed like they do from my personal page–you have to PAY for that.


PLEASE if you do still want to keep in touch via FB—which I can’t promise that I’ll even remain with them after all of this BS—please take the extra step to click on the little arrow next to the “Liked button,” click on “get notifications”—-problem solved. You will get all of my updates. And you can tag me in photos at “Wendy Experience” anytime you want!

THE BOTTOM LINE: BOTH GOOGLE (YOUTUBE) AND FACEBOOK HAVE COMMUNICATED: IF WE CAN’T MAKE MONEY FROM YOU, THEN YOU ARE OF NO USE TO US. Hey, they are businesses. I get it, but this is a far cry from the open field of connecting and content creation that these two companies started from. Do you agree? Feel free to sign this petition. I don’t know if it will do any good, but there’s strength in numbers, y’all.

I’m 9 days away from birfing out the new “Greatest Shits” album—

it goes LIVE on iTunes 9/25/14 and you can pre-order now and get all 12 tracks for $7.99


9/27 Manchester, NH (get tickets)

NYC (get tickets!!!!)



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