Ho News is Good News December!

5 Dec , 2013  

Friends, Lovers, & Two Dolla Trix,
Pretty much business as usual over here at Camp HO! Last month’s midwest tour was super funtz, well except for that time I drove through a tornado in Southern Illinois–fo REAL, and that time I twerked the turkey so hard before frying, she flew over to the neighbor’s yard..oops! but it had me singin “My twerky brings all da boys to the yard, damn right she better dan yars!”  We did raise over $300 in tips at The Harvest Ho Benefit, and crowned a new Super Ho in Lawrence, KS!? No shit! Scroll on down to road to see a more detailed account of my life and hoetry! Have a Happy CrimaKwanzaKah, and know that this ho sure do LOVES YOU!!
I AM… (quickie list format, when you want it fast and sleazy)


(longy dongy detailed list format with pictures!)
1. RELEASING gurl, can you feel it, I shall be released! And so shall you when you check out the new Chrima MixTape Album that is a PAY WHAT YOU CAN SITUATION–music should be shared, so please share it! And if you can donate–please DO, I always reinvest album money into more albums!

2.COMING to NorCal & the Pacific Northwest for Chrima!  Of course that will include hitting my favorite clubs in the area: 
*December 6th, Sacramento, CA :: I’ll be giving you the Divas of Comedy VERY TRASHY CHRISTMAS SHOW at Sidetrax along with HOlotta Tymes and Suppositori Spelling
Sidetrax Drags of Comedy Xmas copy
*December 7th & 9th San Francisco :: I’ll be appearing at The Cafe with JC Events SF
*December 13 & 15 :: West Hollywood couple of home shows – Hosting at Hamburger Mary’s Weho
*December 19, 20, 21 Seattle :: Appearances at Thirsty Thursdays & The Lashes Show at R PLACE
*December 31 Long Beach, CA :: hosting NYE PARTY at Executive Suite in Long Beach!

3. SHOOTING my load…er..my bundle all over you! Didju have a chance to watch this shit, yet, gurl?  I teamed up with World of Wonder Productions to do a lil WoW Shopping Network, and am practically
4.GIVING the shit away for Chrima! Check out the $35 hobundle and purchase here!!!

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