Update! Ho’z a comin home!

7 Nov , 2013  

Hey y’alls!
I am coming to the midwest for T-Gives, so of course I’m gonna hit some of my favorite clubs in the midwest! I have gigs in Missouri, Illinois, my hometown Kansas City, Lawrence, and even Omaha, NE! Here’s my first week’s schedule:

1st Stop: 11/14 Columbia, MO it’s been a hot minute since I went back to The Soco Club! They even have a new venue! Can’t wait to check it out!

2nd Stop: 11/15 St. Louis, MO I return to Just John’s in the Grove with Dieta Pepsi and a Super Ho Contest! You better TWERK!

3rd stop: 11/16 Carbondale, IL I’m going to Club 213, which is a new venue for me! I hope they likes em big (and by em, I mean vaginas) in southern Illinois!




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