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25 Aug , 2014  

Hello my sweet friends, fans and boo boos!
I hope you got that summertime sweetness and not the summertime swampnutz!

I’ve got some great new things brewing over here, and I am so esscited to share it all with you!!!

First of all— thank you SO much to all of you who have hung in there with me through the years. This is my 8th year of giving you the best that I’ve got. As an independent artist it has been frought with learning through failure, and it has been a SLOW process. This is how it is when you don’t have a corporate machine behind you, and I’m actually more grateful for that now than ever. The process is slower, but I’m FREE to do what I want, any old time. Many times I have fallen, gotten up, dusted it off and kept going, and that is largely due to YOU. In this process I have learned and continue to learn– experience is the best teacher. My life has completely changed since going full time pro ho in 2009, and I couldn’t be more grateful or aware of the fact that the reason that I can go out, play dress up, act A FOOL, and live my dream as a performing artist is because of YOU. So THANK YOU!!

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*********GREATEST SHITS*********



FINALLY! All of my most popular HO songs will be available for download on iTunes–PreOrder is coming right UP as well as album release parties, new merch, fan made videos, and maybe, just MAYBE we’ll get a video of my most infamous parody “Fuck Me” made. In the weeks leading up to the release there will be many opportunities to engage in yo HO experience in a wHOle new way!

*********WENDY EXPERIENCE*********
I have made some minor changes in my brand that I want to be completely transparent about, you will notice that on my website/ instagram/ facebook fanpage/ and twitter that the name has changed from Wendy Ho to Wendy Experience–I’m still a Ho fo show, ALWAYS WILL BE…I just needed some more room to flow as a Jo, that may not make much sense right now–but it will in the months to come! Again….I hope you’ll stick around to experience new layers of artistry with me.



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  1. Rob says:

    Hail to the Ho!!<3<3

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