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27 Jan , 2016  

1st Ho News of 2016! I hope it’s been sweet for ya. I know we lost some peeps
We’re off and running over here! I’m working on some new songs and gearing up for next month’s lil tour! Deets at the bottom!
But of course I want to get you going with 2 great Wendy Experience podcasts to catch up on:

Episode 29 with soul/pop/r&b singer and photographer: Jonathan Hernandez

and today’s Episode 30 with the Queen of Queens: Chad Michaels! ​

On episode 30 I also addressed getting fired by a club in Bloomington, Indiana for cultural appropriation.  I understand we live in a very pc world, but when these social justice people start drawing lines where there needn’t be any it only breeds more separation, and censorship–when we really should be having conversations about things! If I don’t provoke thoughts and feelings from you as a performer, then I ain’t doing my job.  Ya heard? I’d love to keep the conversation going! Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings via email I do read them!
Hope to see you or hear you all soon!!!


Upcoming Gigs!

February 12
​St. Louis, MO 

Live at Just John’s

February 13
Chicago, IL
HoHouse at Seven 

February 19
Houston, TX
Live at TC’s Showbar

February 20
Galveston, TX
Live at Third Coast Bar

February 21
Dallas, TX
Live at The Rose Room S4

February 27
West Hollywood, CA
HoHouse at Hamburger Mary’s Weho

More details on events HERE


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