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Jan Newsletter 2015: Ho is Where the Heart is!

21 Jan , 2015  

Holy moly! January 21, 2015? Fo reals!? Already? Daaannnnng. It’s going fast!  Well, I hope the remainder of your holidays were just grand and that your new year is off to a fresh and exciting start! If it ain’t then the good news is–it’s only January, boo! You got some time to make it real cute this year, but for real tho…We really don’t have to feel like we have to make some crazy assed change to our lives just cuz it’s January.  I mean, who the hell wants to come down from the Ho ho holidays to a list of SHOULDS? “I should lose weight, I should make more money, I should a coulda woulda”…here’s my resolution this year… I don’t let nobody should on me, not even me!

Exciting new things are on the horizon creatively!

I have been recording a new podcast! The Wendy Experience will be coming your way soon. I’ve been sitting and chatting with fellow entertainers like Pandora Boxx and Laganja Estranja, and I have been SO enjoying hearing their stories. Inspiring! I’ll start releasing these babies on iTunes when the time is right, hopefully very soon.

I also wrote a new parody and have been trying it out. I rewrote the lyrics of Megan Trainor’s “All About Dat Bass,” and although there are a LOT of parodies out there of this song, nobody has done it like dis yet;-) Cuz no one is as retarded and nassy! Here’s a teeny tiny ruff snippet! Don’t worry, I’ll be releasing it soon–but I wanna sing it a little more in the clubs before I do. Practice makes perfies.

I’m here in Southern California all month till Valentine’s Day when I’ll be doing a weekend in San FranciscoSan Jose and Sacramento! With Rupaul Divas Jasmine Masters and LaTrice Muffuckin Royale! Mark them calendars cuz I will be giving you all the VD of your life! Tonight 1/21, I’ll be at The Dreamgirls Revue in San Diego at Urban Mo’s 8pm show! Then I’ll be at Hamburger Mary’s Weho on Friday and Sunday. If you’s in my area–come get in MY area!

AND…If you haven’t ever seen me live, let’s fix that! Email me with info about your city, bar, venue or party and let’s talk about doing a lil Ho show!! Holla atcha gurl!

Big loves,

More details on events HERE

San Diego, CA
January 21, 8pm
The Dreamgirls Revue at Urban Mo’s

January 23, 10pm
Pumped at Hamburger Mary’s Weho

January 25, 12pm
Drag Brunch at Hamburger Mary’s Weho

January 31, 10pm
Wendy Ho & Friends at Hamburger Mary’s Weho


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