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8 Dec , 2014  

Hey y’alls!


How was the t-gives? Did you eat a lot? Did you survive being around annoying family members? Fortunately for me my mom, dad and hubby are the BEST, so I ain’t gotta survive nothing but the travel! All I’ll say about that is: ATTENTION PEOPLE WITH CHILDREN—it was YO choice to bring these pussy turds into the world—don’t make YO CHOICE–MY PRAHLEM! Handle yo muffuckin KIDS. Don’t let them run all over the airports, don’t let them kick the back of my chair and if you can help it–DON’T LET THEM MAKE NOISE. OK, I know that last one is a toughy and out of your control, but the rest of it–THAT’S ALL YOU, BOO. Pleeeeeeze.

I’m back home in LA for a spell, and gearing up to head up North to Vancouver and Seattle to spend Chrimma with my in-laws–and you know, do what a ho does best: fuckin—just playin–I be giggin, I be giggin!!!! Check out my road show calendar to the left, to the left. But WAIT….I said “Ho! Ho! Ho, Bitch!” That means I gots a present for you!!!!

Me n my sweet lil boo boo collaborator/ producer to the stars Little Pioneer have put together an Xmas Playlist you gon just LURVE! It’s a soul-cuntry-classic-funnty-nassy Chrimma, and you can download it FO FREE–RIGHT HERE! 

ALSO–if you are looking for a great gift to give yo meemaw OR that person that is difficult to buy for–I have a special Ho-omotion on a bundle that includes: a digital download of my “Ho For the Holidays” Chrimma album, hobag, t shirt, & an autographed copy of my “Greatest Shits”–a Billboard Top Ten Comedy Album!

I’m here in Cali till Thursday, and you can catch me over in Silverlake at Selene Luna’s Dog and Pony Show on Monday 8pm at Akbar–or hosting in West Hollywood at The Dreamgirls Revue on Tuesday 9pm at Rage!

If I don’t end up seeing you until 2015, please let me take a moment to thank you for making 2014 one of the happiest ever. I am so grateful to go to work with people that I love, and often FOR people that I love.  I feel very blessed indeed, and I hope you do too.  Take care of yo precious baby jesus self, and know that a ho loves ya very, very much!
Happy Holidays, y’all!

Check out the ROAD GIGS:

Upcoming Road Gigs!
Vancouver, BC
Hustla Ball: HO! HO! HO!
December 13, 9pm

Seattle, WA
Wendy HO at R Place
December 18, 19, 20, 21

Salem, OR
Wendy Ho’s Holiday Hangover
Southside Speakeasy
December 28, 7pm

West Hollywood, CA
Wendy Ho & Friends
Hamburger Mary’s WEHO
December 31 NYE

​More details on events HERE

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