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Ho Harvest Newsletter!

28 Aug , 2013  

Hay Sweet Boos,

Okay…I’m on the tantrum setting today. My inner toddler is screaming. “I don’t wanna go back to school!!! I don’t wanna hear about yo stoopit pumpkin latte on facebook! And if one more person uses the word CRISP to describe the air, I’m gonna go CRIPS on they ass!” At the same time, my inner adult (yes I actually do have one of those–) is soothing me with the afromation “Don’t forget about the harvest!” Oh, yeah!!! Harvest HO! I like her. She’s like Wendy Ho + Iyanla + Oprah + Maya Angelou all rolled into one! I’ve been nurturing my little idea embryoz all summer long, some will be aborted (as I love a good cleanse) but some will come to LIFE! I’d love to include you in my lil plans and schemes, so let’s get this harvest started, bitch! Here are some of my ideas…. FULL NEWSLETTER Here

Free Song of the Month: WHITE BITCH
whitebitchThat’s right, boo boo! I’m giving this one away FO free, cuz I LOVES YOU! Download it now and listen to it while you werk it!




Video of the Month: Backstage with Ho :: Da CHICKEN

On the Road Again
Wendy Ho I want You FINAL crop This fall I will be hitting Houston/ Austin/ Dallas, TX AND Seattle, WA ….more info here




Twat love!
I LOVE it when you tweet me on the twatter! Here’s a few of my faves from recent fellow twatters:
@SamBonhamCarter @Wendy_Ho is my spirit animal (ROAR!)
@JohnnyOcook What will “two bits” buy, @Wendy Ho? (a gander…duh!)
@randyreddwood @Wendy_Ho you should have won a VMA for that (Poop Noodle!)
@TheOnlyDetox I’m still peeing from VanQueef and Arpels. Fucking @Wendy_Ho (I smell you)
@Austin_Young me too Wendy. You inspire me and make me happy (yay!)

Forever yo ho,
Wendy HO

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