Happy Mama Day!

13 May , 2013  

Ohhhh its been a good one, chile! I had a great show at Mary’s today, and it got me all infused with the energy of the female. Not just any female energy, but Mama Energy. This is different than the female energy that I encounter with Bachelorette parties. Most of the time, that’s girl energy. This is WOMAN energy. This is QUEEN energy. I obviously prefer this! I forget being around drag queens all the time that they’re not really women. Don’t get me wrongs, some of them LOOK like women. They can act like women, but they’re not real women. I found this out by crying in a dressing room one time. Wanna see a man in a dress turn into a DUDE? Try having having a feeling in front of them and see what happens. Love my drag queens, but women–they are not. They’re drawn to female energy like a moth to a flame, cuz female energy is creative, and creative people wanna create. Male energy is focused, which I admire greatly as well, but its Mama Day, so I’m gonna keep it female. I’m gonna let myself listen to some Joni Mitchell and watch Oprah, Maya, Iyanla, and let myself go in any direction I wants, just like my mama would do. Happy Mama Day. I hope that even if you’re not physically with your mama, that she taught you well enough how to mother yourself. Be kind, compassionate, and let it all hang out, gurl.

Here’s a tribute to my own mama;-)

And here’s a tribute to my inner goddess mama, a photo by my husband Stas Tagios. He brings the focus, I bring the creative chaos, and sometime we trade. Cuz we’z balanced like that.

Love y’all.

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