Happy August! I’m a Leo. RAR.

4 Aug , 2014  

The summer of 14 is goin quicks, but I’m still busy suckin dem dicks! You can always check out my gig calendar, BUTT…

Here is what I’m super exciteds about:

Friday August 8, 8:30PM I’m opening for Showbiz Legend Leslie Jordan! You’ve seen him on “American Horror Story,” and now you can see me fluff the audience for his show! #HONORED I sure do hope he’s not a total c u next tuesday like Sandra Bernhard!

Saturday August 9, 10PM I’m bringing my Big V Variety Show to Hamburger Mary’s Weho! Drag! Magic! Gay Hip Hop! Comedy! with comedy headliner: Rebecca Donohue, music by MC Crumbsnatcher, drags: Rotissary Ethnicity Jackson Houston Ross, Scarletta LeTerre, and magic by Tony Dick!

Friday August 15, 10pm  I’ll be playing in Minneapolis at The Gay 90’s! I’ve been there before, and am so happy to get to be back! Join me and Nina DiAngelo and the Ladies of LaFemme

Saturday August 23 LANSING, MI! Spiral Dance Club! I’ve never been there!? Hope it’s fun!!! Hope its GAY!  Rainbows are for pride! 

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