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Facebook has proved itself to be another corporate EVIL

11 Sep , 2014  

Well, it has happened. Facebook is disabling my beloved “Wendy Ho” page because it is indeed a business, and not my legal name. What to do when your business just so happens to be the business of connecting? Of delivering feelings and laughter to people?  Well according to Facebook–if you’re a business you must make money, and surely enough money to pay THEM to post your news, thoughts, and things you just want to share.  The real intention behind Facebook Pages isn’t to make it easier for businesses to connect with their clients–NO. Facebook doesn’t post your PAGE updates to everyone’s feeds–they post them to a few–and then if you want them to post to MORE–you HAVE TO PAY THEM FOR IT.  So, sadly, I don’t have many answers for you. All I can tell you is that I really do love all y’alls and want to be able to keep in touch and continue to deliver to you the funniest, wrongest, rawest shit. NOTHING can stop me from doing that–but you can certainly HELP me make it easier by doing the following:

ADD YOURSELF TO my mailing list is the most important–you’ll get emails directly from me to YOU:

The rest of my social media networks don’t charge me, so feel free to follow here:


i’m putting this one last, since it is the one that requires that I PAY to get you to see my postings: https://www.facebook.com/wendyexperience

AND OF COURSE, if you a super duper ho fan, please pre-order my album. This is how I make a living, more living means more songs, and more songs means more laughing.

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