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Episode 8: Nadya Ginsburg! & All about Dat….

22 Apr , 2015  

Hey y’allz!
This week we gots a couple new and exciting things over here in the world of a Ho.

On the podcast I sit down with my good friend Nadya Ginsburg: performance artist, actress, writer, fellow lady comic Nadya Ginsburg for a chat about life in the biz, the mutual love we feel for gay men, and why gay men love us back. We went deep. I cried. Twice. Love this lady, and if you don’t already–you will NOW!

Follow Nadya on Twitter and Instagram at @NadyaGinsburg and check out her new kickstarter campaign to get the Madonnalogues Variety Hour off the ground!  This episode is sponsored by: and

Take a look and listen to the new parody of “All about that bass”–“All about dat dick!” with this brand new lyric video you can sing along! It’s NSFW–duh. If you can purchase the single I would appreciate that! I know no one pays for music these days, but it will help me keep things running over here.


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