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Episode 7: Vicky Vox!

18 Apr , 2015  

Hey y’alls!
Just got back from Vegas where there was a big ole dust storm, so the p-cast is a day late, but have no fear–it is up and ready for you to hear.  I had a great time in Vegas, except for that there dust storm. Duality is a real bitch sometimes. There we were having the time of our lives and a big ole bowl of dust got dumped on my desert dessert, gurl.  BUTT…I am back, I am alive, and I am grateful for the great show with India Ferrah at Piranha! I actually enjoyed the trashy sprawl of Las Vegas this time, as opposed to the other times which I share about on this week’s p-cast.  This path sure do be a humbling one sometimes!

Cuz if you don’t, the universe does it for ya! #trust.

This week I sit down with my good ole gurlfriend Vicky Vox famed drag queen, amazing vocalist, hilarious entertainer AND ex-member of the drag super group DWV.

Check out Vicky Vox on Twitter: @TheVickyVox
And if you are in the Southern California area and want to see Vicky and I LIVE–then come on over to Hamburger Mary’s Long Beach this Saturday at 8pm! It’s the second Ho House in Long Beach, and we be loving it!!!


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