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  1. Brian Vega

    Wendy Jo–

    This is Brian (from Brian & Dewayne) in Springfield! We’ve often wondered what happened to you! SO glad to find you online. As always, you are still HilARIOUS!!!. Last night we were reminiscing abt you singing at my brothers wedding, driving into the ditch in our driveway, yo teef is givin me grief, who frew that ham at me?, once a thief always a thief (on the boat) and lots of other crazy Wendy Ho shit. We have 2 sons & have been together 21 years now. Would love to catch up sometime. My email is above, and Dewayne is on Facebook: Dewayne Vega (we gots married girl!)

  2. Manthan Chheda


    I came across your YouTube channel today and wanted to reach out and introduce myself and discuss a potential strategic partnership. I work for BroadbandTV/VISO and we are currently the 6th largest YouTube network with over 500 million monthly impressions.

    VISO makes up a collection of like minded content producers who are actively trying to capitalize and take full advantage of all that YouTube has to offer. Building on that foundation and community, we work with talented producers like yourself to partner your channel, optimize your content and help you begin to earn money, or if you are already monetizing your video content, help you increase the revenue you can receive from your content by increasing views, impressions, and subscribers.

    The VISO Partnership Program offers the following benefits:
    - Increased CPMS/Revenues with no limits on the amount you can make.
    - We help you increase impressions and subscribers
    - Working with VISO on new content creation projects
    - Collaborations with other VISO Partners
    - Mentoring
    - Support and Training
    - You get to be part of a great community

    If you’re interested, you can contact me via e-mail, skype or twitter and we can talk about the details. Look forward to hearing back and hope you are well.

    Manthan Chheda
    VISO Recruiter
    Skype: manthan14888
    Twitter: MacJamComedy

  3. DJ Krazay Steve

    Thanks again for the great show. Hope to see you again soon some time. Glad we did those rehersals :)

    Hugz n Luv!

    • wendytheho

      Hey Krazy!!! Thank you SO much for doing such a great job with the Ho Show in Calgary. I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to say bye;-) I look forward to seein you again real, real soontz!!

  4. Barb-from the airport! :)

    Wassup fellow funny lady! Hope to hang and writing something funny soon! Please write to me at the email I put in here.

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