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27 Sep , 2014  


Yay!! #GreatestShits is Here!!!  If you like it HARD, get it here! We’re getting ready to party in Manchester, NH and NYC! 9/27 Manchester, NH (get tickets) NYC (get tickets!!!!) Special thanks to my friends and fans who have purchased the album, and have placed it on the iTunes Comedy Album Charts!!! Right now it’s sitting right […]

Dirty Songs,Featured,Parody

Facebook has proved itself to be another corporate EVIL

11 Sep , 2014  


Well, it has happened. Facebook is disabling my beloved “Wendy Ho” page because it is indeed a business, and not my legal name. What to do when your business just so happens to be the business of connecting? Of delivering feelings and laughter to people?  Well according to Facebook–if you’re a business you must make […]

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15 Oct , 2013  

Hey y’all! Just a couple of things I think you guys might wanna know about! #1 I just got back from my Seattle Triple Door show, and the Super Ho of Seattle Contest– and the winner has been announced…check out this video! #2 I’ve got two gigs coming up in the Abe Lincoln State– ILLINOIS!! […]

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Happy New Year! 2013 the year of da Qween!

1 Jan , 2013  

Wow!! 2012 is OVAH, y’all! What a year it has been! Its been full of way more blessings than disappointments, and for that I am so grateful. So grateful for a community of peers, playmates, and champions that root for da ho in me, and I hope as a result are able to fully embrace […]

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Dirty Songs,Funny Songs,Parody

Put a little ho in yo “Ho! Ho! Ho!”

12 Dec , 2012  

Now on sale! All 3 albums and the XXXmas songs for $20.00–these are digital downloads to be sent to your address, or the address of your special ho! http://tinyurl.com/4packdigital

Dirty Songs,Funny Songs,Parody

Yes, I’m a Ho (Wendy Ho’s 3rd Album)

4 Aug , 2012  

Yes, I’m a Ho! the second studio album from Wendy Ho! From the proud slut G-Funk anthem “Yes, I’m a Ho!” to the independent female primer “I Can’t Afford It (I’m Gonna Have To Abort It),” to the adventures of finding a powder room in “Shake It Out the Leg,” Ho has birthed a soon to […]

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Dirty Songs,Funny Songs,Parody

Number 2 (Wendy Ho’s Second Album)

3 Aug , 2012  

Number 2 is Wendy Ho’s first mixtape and features all new song parodies, freestyles and mashups and remixes of songs from her debut album The Gospel According to Ho. From the anti-anal disco anthem “Poop Noodle” to the southern soul parable “Meemaw’s Pussy” to a dance remix of her infamous torch song “Fuck Me,” Ho has birthed a classic hip-hop/r&b […]

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