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Facebook has proved itself to be another corporate EVIL

11 Sep , 2014  


Well, it has happened. Facebook is disabling my beloved “Wendy Ho” page because it is indeed a business, and not my legal name. What to do when your business just so happens to be the business of connecting? Of delivering feelings and laughter to people?  Well according to Facebook–if you’re a business you must make […]

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Album Update, Special offer & My Joan Rivers story

8 Sep , 2014  


Hello my sweet boos, I had a much better week due to better being home with my friends, better sound, and just the all around great audiences in West Hollywood! If you were there–THANK YOU! If you were sending me good mojo from miles away–THANK YOU;-) I’m so excited about upcoming travels and learning so […]

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15 Oct , 2013  

Hey y’all! Just a couple of things I think you guys might wanna know about! #1 I just got back from my Seattle Triple Door show, and the Super Ho of Seattle Contest– and the winner has been announced…check out this video! #2 I’ve got two gigs coming up in the Abe Lincoln State– ILLINOIS!! […]

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9 Oct , 2013  

Live Ho Show and SUPER HO OF SEATTLE CONTEST!! Tickets!!! Triple Door, 8pm

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Ho Harvest Newsletter!

28 Aug , 2013  

Hay Sweet Boos, Okay…I’m on the tantrum setting today. My inner toddler is screaming. “I don’t wanna go back to school!!! I don’t wanna hear about yo stoopit pumpkin latte on facebook! And if one more person uses the word CRISP to describe the air, I’m gonna go CRIPS on they ass!” At the same […]

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25 Aug , 2013  

Hay boo boo! Do you know what BRUNK IS? Its a DRUNK ASS BRUNCH, that’s what! Come join me today in Long Beach for Bottomless Mimosas and some dirty ass songs! It’s like gay, fabulous CHURCH. Trust me, I think the good ole Higher Power would rather you go and celebrate yo life with me […]

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Happy New Year! 2013 the year of da Qween!

1 Jan , 2013  

Wow!! 2012 is OVAH, y’all! What a year it has been! Its been full of way more blessings than disappointments, and for that I am so grateful. So grateful for a community of peers, playmates, and champions that root for da ho in me, and I hope as a result are able to fully embrace […]

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Live in the Studio with Wendy Ho :: Public Place

18 Dec , 2012  

Hey y’all! Happy Tuesday! Tune into HOtube MOST Tuesdays for a lil somethin-somethin from Wendy Ho! Today’s video is my parody of Rihanna’s “We Found Love,” that I like to call “Public Place”