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Thank you so much!!!

14 Jun , 2015  

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We’re still trynna make that stretch goal, chile! The insurance and location alone cost $7500 on our video, so please help out if ya can!!!


Episode 14: Dieta Pepsi

10 Jun , 2015  


OMG!!! Y’allz! it is JUNE which means the pride season is kicking off, child! HAPPY PRIDE! Yes–I’ll be celebrating in Philly and Seattle–more on that later! First let’s talk about this week’s podcast with Dieta Pepsi aka Leon Augustus Braxton! She is a pioneer in the drag community of St. Louis, Missouri and recently found […]

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2 Jun , 2015  

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HOLY MOLY!!! We did it!!!!!! YOU GUYS!! we can’t even believe it, but we’re fully funded and SO GRATEFUL. We are in production, and making it happen–in the meantime our fundraising will not end! We’re at $7500–we’re at goal, the bulk of the heavy lifting is DONE–but we’re still looking at well over $10,000 budget! So […]


Episode 12: India Ferrah and Dragcon Recap

21 May , 2015  


This week on the podcast I sit down with India Ferrah from Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 3. I also got to see her this past weekend at RuPaul’s DragCon which was the ultimate in drag kikis, hunny!!! I’m still feeling a little run down by the experience, but ultimately it was a great time! I give […]

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Mimi Imfurst! Jermaine Blackwell! Happy Mama Day!

13 May , 2015  


Happy Mama Day! I know Mama Day was on Sunday, but I just love reveling in all that is feminine and nurturing, and drumroll….. I gots my period, so let’s keep that mama love floooowing! This week on the podcast I sits down with an old college friend, actor/ film maker/ writer/ New York City resident Jermaine […]

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Episode 10: LaTrice! Samantha Hale!

6 May , 2015  


Today on the podcast, LaTrice Royale calls in and I just love her! This is an old conversation I recorded before we even met–but it still stands the test of time–cuz she hilarious!!! for more info on LaTrice check out: http://latriceroyale.com​ AND I sit down with fellow funny lady Samantha Hale for a fabulous chat about the […]

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Episode 9: Detox Icunt and Jujubee calls in!

29 Apr , 2015  


Hey y’allz! This week on the podcast Jujubee calls me to talk about some hot topics! And I sit down with my sistra gurl Detox Icunt for an indepth chat about the life of an international superstar post RuPaul’s Drag Race and DWV! This episode is sponsored by: http://littlepioneer.com and http://AtomicCosmetics.com I’ll be in the bay area this weekend! Come check […]

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Episode 8: Nadya Ginsburg! & All about Dat….

22 Apr , 2015  


Hey y’allz! This week we gots a couple new and exciting things over here in the world of a Ho. On the podcast I sit down with my good friend Nadya Ginsburg: performance artist, actress, writer, fellow lady comic Nadya Ginsburg for a chat about life in the biz, the mutual love we feel for gay […]

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Episode 7: Vicky Vox!

18 Apr , 2015  


Hey y’alls! Just got back from Vegas where there was a big ole dust storm, so the p-cast is a day late, but have no fear–it is up and ready for you to hear.  I had a great time in Vegas, except for that there dust storm. Duality is a real bitch sometimes. There we were having […]

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All about dat….

10 Apr , 2015  

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As usual, NSFW! Now on iTunes! Please support yo local, independent Ho today! The $ keeps the lights on over here!