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Album Update, Special offer & My Joan Rivers story

8 Sep , 2014  

Hello my sweet boos,
I had a much better week due to better being home with my friends, better sound, and just the all around great audiences in West Hollywood! If you were there–THANK YOU! If you were sending me good mojo from miles away–THANK YOU;-) I’m so excited about upcoming travels and learning so much about how to release…surrender….let it go…properly!! It’s definitely the journey, not the destination.  I know that we live in a day and age where regardless of release dates, people find things as they find them–and that is actully a great thing, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t try to set a deadline for exciting things. That’s usually the only way I get things done, is by setting it up to be held accountable. It’s a great source of support.  AnyWHO. I loves ya.

Quick Read of this Newsletter:

#1 New YouTube Channel Deets–I answer “why the new channel, ho?” right here, or you can keep reading below. Either way PLEASE SUBSCRIBE.

#2 THE FIRST Friends of Ho (Fohs) Video is here and I will be posting them one at a time up until the offcial release date!! I called, you answered and the videos are hilarious and disgusting and EVERYTHING. Want to submit a video? There’s still time! check it! 

#3 Digital Pre-sale continues OVER AT iTunes, and HO BUNDLES are available NOW–these will include a hobag, an autographed album and a BRAND NEWLY DESIGNED WENDY HO t-shirt for $32.00—see special offer below and get yours today–they ship 9/19, and this deal only lasts until the 24th–and this is ONLY for people that are in the KNOW only!!! (that’s you!)

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 11.45.15 AM

“why the new channel, ho?”
Well…  YouTube revoked my Adsense account after getting reports of foul play.  I received a very cryptic email, that I really don’t know exactly what happened, but I’ll roll with it, cuz like I said–I’ve been wanting to rebrand a bit ANYWAYS. So! I’m gonna try this one more time with the folks over at google, because honestly–I could use the adsense coins, or at least–the opportunity to supplement my income, I’m not a rich bitch. So please…  Make it rain! Just don’t go clicking on the ads like crazy, cuz I think that’s why my account got jacked. I explain it here in my short n sweet welcome video!
***************************CALL TO ACTION***************************
PLEASE subscribe and help me rebuild!!!
Friends of Ho videos!!! I called out to people to make videos of them actin up, lipsynching and getting cray on my songs, and people replied! Some with FULLY edited videos. So….I will be dropping these babies one per bizness day up until the album release! These videos are all from my sweet friends and fans, and feature the new tracks from the album!!! So fun! GAHHH…I LOVE YOU GUYS. The first video I have to share is from my good gurlfriend in San Francisco! Kitty Tapata. This bitch always makes me laugh.  <3 u!!!
Kitty Tapata
Kitty took on “MeeMaw’s Pussy“–NSFW–DUH. I figured with the Queen Meemaw of Comedy, Joan Rivers passing–this would be a good one to kick us off. RIP, JOANIE!!! The only direct interaction I ever had with Joan was when I worked as an assistant to a very powerful MTV exec.  She and her manager were calling to get a gig at Logo, and it taught me my first showbiz lesson–if you want something, you have to be willing to ASK FOR IT.  It happened to be the day that Anna Nicole Smith died, and she was already testing out jokes ON ME a lowly assistant! Hahahaha!—so trust me, I do believe she’d laugh at this shit.  In any case, she was a true pioneer and I’m grateful for the way she lived her life loudly, glamorously, honestly, and unapologetically. Thanks for the lessons and laughter. Love you, gurl!The Greatest Shits album release–the Pre-Sale continues to be ON OVER AT iTunes! Getcho copy today! If you order it before the official drop date, Sepetmber 25, it is only $7.99 for all 12 tracks AND you can INSTANTLY download 2 of my most favorite songs about POOP right now! And if you like physical evidence–I’ve got Ho-Bundles for sale that include the hobag, hard copy of the album and a T-Shirt Check it Out!
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