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Episode 12: India Ferrah and Dragcon Recap

21 May , 2015  


This week on the podcast I sit down with India Ferrah from Rupaul’s Drag Race Season 3. I also got to see her this past weekend at RuPaul’s DragCon which was the ultimate in drag kikis, hunny!!! I’m still feeling a little run down by the experience, but ultimately it was a great time! I give […]

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Mimi Imfurst! Jermaine Blackwell! Happy Mama Day!

13 May , 2015  


Happy Mama Day! I know Mama Day was on Sunday, but I just love reveling in all that is feminine and nurturing, and drumroll….. I gots my period, so let’s keep that mama love floooowing! This week on the podcast I sits down with an old college friend, actor/ film maker/ writer/ New York City resident Jermaine […]

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Episode 10: LaTrice! Samantha Hale!

6 May , 2015  


Today on the podcast, LaTrice Royale calls in and I just love her! This is an old conversation I recorded before we even met–but it still stands the test of time–cuz she hilarious!!! for more info on LaTrice check out: http://latriceroyale.com​ AND I sit down with fellow funny lady Samantha Hale for a fabulous chat about the […]

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Episode 9: Detox Icunt and Jujubee calls in!

29 Apr , 2015  


Hey y’allz! This week on the podcast Jujubee calls me to talk about some hot topics! And I sit down with my sistra gurl Detox Icunt for an indepth chat about the life of an international superstar post RuPaul’s Drag Race and DWV! This episode is sponsored by: http://littlepioneer.com and http://AtomicCosmetics.com I’ll be in the bay area this weekend! Come check […]

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Episode 8: Nadya Ginsburg! & All about Dat….

22 Apr , 2015  


Hey y’allz! This week we gots a couple new and exciting things over here in the world of a Ho. On the podcast I sit down with my good friend Nadya Ginsburg: performance artist, actress, writer, fellow lady comic Nadya Ginsburg for a chat about life in the biz, the mutual love we feel for gay […]

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Episode 7: Vicky Vox!

18 Apr , 2015  


Hey y’alls! Just got back from Vegas where there was a big ole dust storm, so the p-cast is a day late, but have no fear–it is up and ready for you to hear.  I had a great time in Vegas, except for that there dust storm. Duality is a real bitch sometimes. There we were having […]

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All about dat….

10 Apr , 2015  

WendyHo001 copy-3

As usual, NSFW! Now on iTunes! Please support yo local, independent Ho today! The $ keeps the lights on over here!

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Episode 6: Fruit loops, glory holes and Pandora Boxx!

9 Apr , 2015  

pandora wendy

Hey y’alls! Today, in Episode 6, I’m talking to a true sweetheart and drag diva: Pandora Boxx! You might remember her from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 2 and RuPaul’s All Stars! I absolutely adore this performer, and I think you will too! more info on Pandora Boxx: http://pandoraboxx.com I also introduce a new segment: HOT TOPICS  from my HOT POCKET […]

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Jackie Monahan! Jasmine Masters! and Ups n Downs in Hobizness

1 Apr , 2015  


Hey y’alls! I’ve been having wunnerful conversations and am excited to share them with you this week! In fact, I’m so excited that I am releasing two episodes this week! Today, in Episode 4, I’m talking to fellow lady comic Jackie Monahan! She’s been on Last Comic Standing and has a movie out on Netflix right now! The […]

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Episode 3: Kelly Mantle AND…Have you Subscribed?

27 Mar , 2015  


To the new podcast? Shamons, now! You know you wanna hear the behind the scenes dish of the rag I call a career! Thanks so much to those of you who are tuning in, leaving feedback and showing love to the lil podcast. I am loving doing it! It is therapeutic for sure, and it definitely […]

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