Wendy Jo Smith, better known as the foul mouthed, hilarious singer/comedian and rapper Wendy HO- is the number one “female drag queen” in the country and a Billboard top 10 comedic recording artist. Her music has been covered by queens worldwide, chances are if you’ve been to a drag show, you’ve heard her music. She most recently was the only biological female cast member on The Divas of Drag Tour  proving it doesn’t matter what’s under your dress a QUEEN IS A QUEEN! (read more about her here….)


This week Wendy celebrates her fully funded Kickstarter Campaign AND her recent World of Wonder Production’s WOWIE award nomination for Best Podcast! Celebrating the best and only way she knows how, with a holiday playlist of crazy and fun holiday songs!

This will be the final podcast of 2016, and the What Had Happened Wuz Podcast will continue in January of 2017! 

Here is the list of songs for your listening pleasure:

01 the weather girls – dear santa bring me a man this christmas

02 michael jackson – little christmas tree

03 12 girls band – last christmas

04 suzannah – mom & daddy, please don’t steal fur us this christmas

05 matt rogers – rudolph the deep throat reindeer

06 jim reeves – dear senor santa claus

07 anne murray – snowbird

08 monty python- ho ho fuckin ho

09 wendy ho – suck yo balls

10 dolly parton & kenny rogers – i believe in santa claus

11 bill withers – the gift of giving

12 disco christmas – universal robot band

13 jackson 5 – up on the house top

14 tlc – sleigh ride

15 jackie beat – santa’s baby

16 emmet otter’s jug band christmas – when the river meet the sea

17 bob rivers – walkin round in women’s underwear

18 blowfly – jingle bell cock

19 johnny mathis – what are you doing new years eve?

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Today’s episode is sponsored by: http://littlepioneer.com  & atomiccosmetics.com

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